the story of treasurepods


Hold your memories safe and close.


The idea for TreasurePods came about many years ago in the creating of a dress. The dress was designed to reflect the experiences which, to a greater or lesser extent, have shaped life as it is today. It was handmade so that each organza pocket contained a keepsake and a precious memory.

Inspired by her dress, Jane Rafter went on to create TreasurePods and has spent
the last 5 years on a quest finding the right craftsmen and materials to make the perfect locket.

Just like the dress, each locket can be opened to contain a personal keepsake from that special moment. We hope that you'll finish the story by filling your locket with personal treasures.

What do you treasure?

Made in the UK

TreasurePods is based in a leafy north London studio along with our sister company, Slinks,
and is headed by designer Jane Rafter.


Our lockets are made in the historic jewellery quarter of Birmingham — a Conservation Area known for its silver work and craft skills. The lockets are hallmarked sterling silver or 9 carat gold with domed mineral glass — making them very strong and safe. Each locket is individually made, finished and polished by hand. Our main locket expert, Stan, has been making lockets for nearly 60 years, starting in the business when he was just sixteen years old. What he doesn't know about lockets is not worth knowing. We would have him right here in London if his wife would let us!

Our chains are all handmade in London as well, and come with our signature key 
to symbolise the importance of keeping your memories safe.

TreasurePods has also sourced a selection of charms from around the UK to help you discover that unique keepsake. Each individual stone and gem has been hand picked from Hatton Gardens in London and Birmingham to ensure only the best
are chosen.

Our boxes and packaging are recycled and also made in the UK.